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Other companies pretend to have your best interest in mind. We want to help you make the smartest financial decision possible.

Our Guarantee. Before accepting money from another pre-settlement funding provider talk to us. Our friendly representatives work with injured victims daily just like you. We promise to answer all your questions and compare our fees and structure to theirs. We will listen and then share which solution is best for you..then you make the final decision. It's just that simple!  

We care about our clients, we have great relationships with the law firms and get things done when no one else can. Fact is, we wish good people were never injured in the first place, but we are proud to be the regarded as the most client friendly solution available and able to provide you peace of mind during this unfortunate situation.  

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 Use your advance to pay medical expenses, deductibles, bills and any other expenses. There is no credit check, employment or income verification. Apply for FREE to learn if your case qualifies. We work with your lawyer to get you approved ASAP. Once approved your money can be delivered the SAME DAY.  

Here is the Truth, NOT All Pre-Settlement Funding Providers are the Same.  

Capital Financing is one of the few client-friendly Pre-Settlement companies. We are dedicated to helping ease financial stress during a lawsuit, without taking advantage of you during an already difficult situation.  

7 Questions You Must Ask Before Accepting an Advance from Anyone Else!

  • Ask how much interest is charged. We are the only company to terminate interest fees after 1 year*
  • Ask if interest compounds. Don't fall for fuzzy math. We use a simple fee structure.
  • Ask what other charges get rolled into the advance. Avoid paying interest on top of miscellaneous fees.
  • Ask about delivery charges. We never try make extra profit on delivering your money.
  • Ask for disclosure. Our easy terms are on Pg.1, other companies bury details in the fine print.
  • Ask what you'll owe at settlement. If they can't or won't give an amount, you're paying too much.
  • Ask about early pay off penalties. We never penalize our clients for settling a case early!

Happy Capital Financing Clients 

“I was in a car accident. It was very bad and I couldn't work for a couple of weeks...In less than 24 hours I had my check in my hand."